"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Teal Green
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Teal Green
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Teal Green
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Teal Green
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Teal Green
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Teal Green
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Mint
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Mint
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Mint
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Mint
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Mint
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Mint
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Mint
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Mint
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Mint
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Console / Dressing Table in White
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Console / Dressing Table in White
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Console / Dressing Table in White
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Console / Dressing Table in White
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Console / Dressing Table in White
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Console / Dressing Table in White
"Once Upon A Queenslander" Eco Recycled Console / Dressing Table in White

Retro Modern Mid Century Eco Recycled Retro Hall Table / Console / Dressing Table / Desk in Teal Green



Length 123cm (48.4")
Width 61cm (24")
Height 79cm (31.1")

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Fully Customisable Design To ANY Size, Finish & Colour
Free Standard Delivery Within Australia (See "Shipping" for T + C)
Built With Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Native Recycled Timber & Materials
Handmade In Brisbane, Australia
Exclusive Bespoke Design Only Available From GHIFY
10 Year Warranty (See "FAQ" for T + C)
Handmade From Recycled Solid Timber
Scandinavian Inspired Retro 1960's Design
Signature “ONCE UPON A QUEENSLANDER” Collection
As Exhibited at the Queensland Museum
3 Drawers
Florentine Bronze Hinges & Drawer Handles
Elegant Refined Angled Legs, Tapered To A Minimalistic Style
Australian Native Timber= Increase Longevity & Little To No Maintenance
Raw Original Solid Timber
Full Range of Matching Furniture Available
Design Your Own All New Matching Furniture To Suit Your Style & Interior
Safe & Secure Checkout
Delivered Fully Assembled - No Fiddly Allen Keys To Worry about! (See Shipping for T & C)
Select Quality Recycled Timber Salvaged From Old Queenslander Houses
Fast Standard Shipping ( See "Shipping" for T + C)
Native Timber Ideal For Our Climate & Lifestyle: Queensland Hoop Pine
Priority Premium Shipping Service (Incl. Weekend Delivery) Available On Request

Note: Charges apply to customisations & premium priority shipping services

Made from Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Queensland Hoop Pine which have been salvaged from old Queenslander houses that were demolished or destroyed. This Modern take on the Retro 1960's Scandinavian furniture style is designed to be used as a functional console / dressing table.

Each console / dressing table is Custom Made To Order Just For You right here in our workshop in Brisbane. The recycled timber is procured right from source and are salvaged old floorboards, ceiling beams, ceiling battens, weatherboards etc. that were once a part of an old Queenslander style house that has been demolished.

With ample storage this console / dressing table is the perfect size for your apartment, bedroom or the office. Featuring a natural light multi-colour surface and interior, the refined legs were built to complement the understated elegance of this retro style. This modern revival of a Scandinavian inspired furniture is Retro & Minimalist. Florentine Bronze hinges were selected to complement the timber and a pair of small elegantly understated drawer handles also in Florentine Bronze were fitted to the drawer face. Subtle finger grooves on the underside of the handles is another carefully selected feature of this minimalist piece. The 3 sizeable interior drawer space are hand painted in white and lightly distressed to give a gentle contrast to the beautiful exterior. The drawer face are lightly covered in Pastel Green and sanded back further as an added feature. A unique and gorgeous table, this eco-friendly Console also works well as a Hall Table, Entrance Table, Dressing Table or Sideboard in the home or office.

This minimalist console, measures 123cm Long x 61cm Deep x 79cm High. The table top with drawers measures 99cm Long x 37cm Deep x 15cm High. The legs have a floorpan area that measures 123cm Long x 61cm Wide.

Each piece of timber has been painstakingly sanded back to expose the original grains and texture of the wood. Each piece is carefully handmade and thoroughly prepared to ensure there are no splinters or remnant nails left in it. Lovingly and solidly built, this is a true heirloom piece that will withstand all heavy traffic and last for generations to come. Being solid recycled timber, there is little to no maintenance required. Besides this table, do you know we have a huge range of variations available for these console / dressing tables in different dimensions, finishes and optional extras? Shop our Console Collection now to see the full range. And remember, if you don't see it, we can MAKE it!

The "Once Upon A Queenslander" collection was designed to celebrate a beloved state and national icon, the Queenslander styled home. The Queenslander home is such a significant architectural representation of the Australian climate and lifestyle. As architectural styles develop into more modern trends over the years, more Queenslander houses have been torn down and demolished in favour of the contemporary homes. To salvage a part of these beautiful homes and capture a piece of our cultural heritage and history, the range has been specifically repurposed to give a second lease of life as functional sustainable and gorgeous furniture that is suited for daily use. The collection has been featured in recent times in:

* "Bespoke" Exhibition at the Queensland Museum
* "ReArt" Exhibition at m2 Gallery with Etsy & ReTrash
* Featured in Recycled Luxury London Magazine
* Featured in Eco Citizen Australia
* Featured in Australia Home Idea Magazine
* Featured in Architectural Digest
* Featured in ELLE Magazine
* Featured in The Courier Mail
* Featured in Grand Designs Magazine

Did you know that the purchase of this table will help to minimise the carbon footprint on our planet by minimising deforestation and logging? Pretty amazing! By choosing these lovely tables, you are also making a positive difference to preserve a beautiful Australian icon - the Queenslander house. While we are not able to save every one of them from the landfill, your purchase will help to give a second lease of life to this historical icon that has sheltered generations for many years. To help you support this legacy, this custom build piece comes with an awesome 10 Year Warranty!

Check out the diverse range of beautiful eco-friendly recycled furniture, including High Bench Tables, entertainment units, bedside tables etc. from our “ONCE UPON A QUEENSLANDER” collection & have fun Mix "n" Matching to create your own unique signature interior. However you choose to use it, it will make for a lovely feature that will last for years to come.

Each piece of "Once Upon A Queenslander" furniture is made "FRESH" right here in our workshop in Brisbane. The current production leadtime is approximately 6 weeks. If you require your bespoke furniture sooner or you require more than one, please contact us to discuss and we will do our best to accommodate.

123cm Long x 61cm Wide x 79cm High ; Weight: 50Kg
48.4" Long x 24" Wide x 31.1" High ; Weight: 110.2Lb
125cm Long x 63cm Wide x 81cm High ; Weight: 80Kg
49.2" Long x 24.8" Wide x 32" High ; Weight: 176.4Lb

Note: Being natural recycled solid timber, there will be variations in the colour and texture of every unit. The surface grains, knots, nail holes, discolouration etc. are all a part of the authentic beauty & character of the piece.

Please note that this unit is delivered fully assembled so you don't have to worry about setting up with fiddly Allen Keys.

Please note that this item is oversized in both length and weight. The carrier reserves the right to refuse delivery if there is no clear and easy lift access or impose an additional charge if access is too difficult. It is important that you contact us prior to placing your order if there are stairs or access is an issue, so that we can provide you with a delivery quote. Alternatively, we can redesign this item so that it can be flat packed. Please note that our free standard shipping promotion does not apply to difficult access deliveries. Please see "Shipping" & "FAQ" for T + C.

Please note that while we have made every effort to accurately portray and describe the colour, texture and finish of these products, some minor variations can be expected due to the nature of the materials and the different screen resolutions.

From Harley Augustine, Executive Director, Strategy Future Brand Australia: "...she just arrived and she's BEAUTIFUL! Love it... Thank you so much - it's been an absolute pleasure from start to finish and the work is nothing short of exceptional...”

From Leisa of Mount Pleasant: "...It’s like getting used to a new person around – it’s different to other tables because it’s unique and has character. It makes me feel good just to see something so nice there. People comment on it when they see it. Great dealing with you – I will definitely recommend you to others! Thanks for being so ‘with-it’ - you kept in contact throughout the process and couldn't be more helpful. I will definitely be recommending you to others (I have already, a number of times)...”

From Alan of Allambie Heights: "...The bench is fantastic! Thank you!...”

From C & E of Teneriffe: "...High Bench Table arrived yesterday. Looks a million dollars..."

From Lucy & Matt of New South Wales: "...Thank you Maddy and Will for our amazing new table. Your customer service was fantastic and we couldn't believe how quickly our beautiful table arrived! It looks perfect in our new kitchen. Wishing you all the best, keep up the good work! Lucy & Matt..."

From Adam & Nicole of Fairy Meadow: "...Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the amazing communication throughout the whole process and obviously for such an amazing table to have great conversations at..."

From Martine Brinsdon Optometrist of Murwillumbah: "...@GhifyDotCom... and we love it too. The cabinets and table are such a hit. So many people have said so many good things. #stunning..."

From DW of Perth, Western Australia: "...Fabulous furniture that's bang on trend and won't break the bank, together with top grade customer service makes for smart buying. Love my GHIFY!..."

From Helena Van Every of Brisbane: "...Hi Guys! My new dining room table and sideboard was delivered this morning (Thanks James for the wonderful job you did) and I'm loving it sick!! Thanks Will and Magdalene for such beautiful items and customer service...Helena..."

From Heather of Brisbane: "...The furniture is lovely. It is beautiful and fits the bill perfectly. I will certainly be raising a toast to you and Will. Gorgeous furniture, spectacular service. It really has been a pleasure...”

From Alice & Michael of Hope Island: "...We think you not only sell quality products but your service is excellent. That will keep the customers coming & repeat business too, like us. People remember good service & they never forget bad so stick to your current model & you should do well. Will has excellent communication skills & patiently let us look around the work shop on our visit. His one offs' are fabulous. He is obviously very skilled in what he does; a real craftsman....we are so glad we found your site ...”

From Kitty of Victoria: "...I am loving my table and chairs. Quality workmanship of your products and customer service are all top class. Even the packaging is carefully considered and done, very impressive!!! It is a very pleasant and wonderful online purchase experience. You will definitely see me again!..

If you've recently bought one of our furniture, here are some care instructions about how to keep your furniture looking good for years to come. 

1. Our furniture is constructed from solid timber and are relatively hard wearing pieces of furniture. All it requires is some simple cleaning to protect it from the daily wear & tear.

2. Timber surfaces can be cleaned and protected with a spray on Furniture and Surface Polish. There are many good quality spray on furniture polishes available from your general hardware store but please be sure to test first on an inconspicuous area of the furniture before spraying on the visible faces and always follow the directions on the label.

3. Tougher marks on the timber surfaces can also be cleaned with mild cleaning products such as “Spray and Wipe”. Do not use abrasive products like Jiff or scourers on the furniture as they can scratch the surfaces. Loose dust on the surface can be removed with a soft, lint-free cloth, gently rubbed over the surface. Dust is an abrasive and can scratch the surface, so be careful. Uneven areas can be dusted with a clean, natural bristle paint or artist's brush. Again, do not try to dust a surface that is severely deteriorated. Cloth fibers can catch and tear away pieces of the finish, veneer or loose parts. Even rough edges can splinter. Carving, fretwork, and other delicate work can be dusted with a soft bristle brush, with a vacuum cleaner host held close enough to take in the dust one it is dislodged by the brush. Do not use feather dusters, as they can scratch and pull off loose fragments of veneer.

4. Fabric can be cleaned with mild soapy water and a damp cloth. Be cautious and use only enough water to wet the surface without saturating the fabric and foam of the seat. Brush the fabric in the direction of the fabric pattern to avoid distorting the fabric grain. All our fabric is suitable to be scotch-guarded so if you would like to prolong the longevity of your upholstery, we highly recommend scotch-guarding it with a quality product.

5. Clean any stains or spills as soon as it happens to prevent it from having time to stain the fabric or product surface or become water logged.

6. Be sure to use a heat resistant tray / mat or coaster if you're intending to place a hot pot direct from the stove onto your table.  Likewise, use a coaster whenever possible when serving chilled drinks on your table. Hot items, such as irons, coffee mugs, and steaming tureens can literally melt a finish away. Water from spills and condensation from vases and cold drink glasses can damage and deface coatings through "blooming," an effect that makes transparent coatings white or milky. Damage is even worse when the liquid itself stains the surface, such as when ink or coffee or tea is spilled, or if the coating is penetrated and the staining liquid enters the wood itself. Organic solvents, such as fingernail polish and remover, perfumes, and alcoholic drinks can behave as paint and varnish removers on many kinds of coatings. These problems are simple to address. Using coasters, oversized ashtrays, and writing pads can virtually eliminate the potential for damage.

7. Fungal damage, or rot, can only occur in areas of extreme dampness at moderate temperatures. Unless your furniture gets wet and stays wet, this type of damage is not normally a severe problem. However, if your furniture is stored in areas where water incursion is a common problem, such as basements or attics, these areas must be surveyed every time it rains or snows.

8. Before picking up a piece of furniture, make sure you know where the furniture is its strongest - generally along a major horizontal element - and try to carry it from these points. Protect the furniture to be moved with soft padding or wrap it in a blanket pad. Padding, which will provide extra insurance against bumping and gouging, is especially important if an item is going into storage. Before moving an item, make sure you know exactly where it goes next. Plan ahead to adjust the temperature and relative humidity in the new location so they are the same as where the furniture presently is. Extreme changes in temperature and humidity can cause splitting of joints and veneers. Never slide or drag furniture along the floor.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance. Enjoy your new furniture and we hope it brings you many happy years of functionality!


Save money on shipping costs today and take advantage of our Free Standard Delivery promotion that we are currently running within South East Queensland!

The following are the Australian postcodes eligible for our subsidised shipping offer:


NSW - Transit Time Is Approximately 3 - 5 Working Days :

~ Sydney & Suburbs: 1000 - 1920; 2000 - 2249; 2555 - 2574; 2740 - 2786

~ Canberra Region: 0200 - 0250; 2600 - 2639; 2900 - 2920

~ Albury / Lavington / Woodonga: 2640 - 2641; 2708; 3689 - 3690

~ Armidale / University of New England: 2350 - 2351

~ Bathurst Region: 2787 - 2820; 2845 - 2877

~ Casino: 2468 ; 2470

~ Coffs Harbour: 2450

~ Dubbo: 2826; 2830

~ Gosford Region: 2250 - 2265

~ Goulburn Region: 2580; 2591 - 2599

~ Grafton / South Grafton: 2460

~ Griffith: 2680

~ Kempsey: 2440; 2442

~ Lismore: 2480

~ Newcastle Region: 2266 - 2338; 2413 - 2430

~ Port Macquarie: 2444

~ Riverina Region: 2590; 2649 - 2650; 2653; 2665 - 2672; 2678; 2720 - 2730

~ Southern HIghlands: 2575 - 2579

~ Tamworth: 2340 - 2348

~ Tweed Heads / Murwillumbah: 2484 - 2490

~ Wollongong / South Coast Region: 2500 - 2554


ACT - Transit Time Is Approximately 5 - 7 Working Days :

~ Canberra Region: 0200 - 0250; 2600 - 2639; 2900 - 2920

~ Goulbourn Region: 2580 - 2589; 2591 - 2599

~ Southern Highlands: 2575 - 2579


VIC - Transit Time Is Approximately 7 - 10 Working Days :

~ All places in Victoria: 3000 - 3999; 8000 - 8999

~ Albury / Lavington: 2640 - 2641; 2708


WA - Transit Time Is Approximately 10 - 14 Working Days :

~ Perth: 6000 - 6005; 6800 - 6899


SA - Transit Time Is Approximately 7 - 10 Working Days :

~ Adelaide & Suburbs: 5000 - 5199; 5800 - 5999


Please Note The Following Terms & Conditions Apply To The FREE STANDARD DELIVERY Offer:

~ Service Guaranteed To Townships Within The Postcodes Above Only & A Day Time Contact Phone Number Must Be Provided With Your Order In The Event The Driver Needs To Contact You.

~ Apartments without lift access or any building with poor access for the courier delivery, will incur charges.  Please email us at  info@ghify.com if this applies to you so that we can provide you with a quote for the additional charges. Please note the Free Standard Delivery Offer does not include this additional charge. The courier reserves the right to cancel a delivery or charge an additional fee if there is no clear access to the building and they have not been informed of this prior to the booking. (Sorry, we are powerless to control the courier's operational guidelines).

~ All Orders Are Despatched Within 3 Working Days Of Receiving Order Unless Your Order Is A Custom Made To Order item as described in the product description.

~ No P O Box Deliveries

~ All deliveries are conducted on non public holidays between Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9am and 5pm.  Due to the volume of freight they manage, the couriers are unable to provide a specific date or time for the delivery. For the same reason, they are unable to ring before delivery.  (Sorry, we are powerless to control the courier's operational guidelines).  However, they do provide an excellent Track & Trace systems that will allow you to monitor the progress of your order and thereby anticipate when delivery will be made.  Our Free Standard Delivery offer only applies to the standard delivery service.  If you require delivery on a specific day or time or for the driver to ring you before delivery, our couriers do offer a Premium service which we are happy to quote to you.  Please email us at sales@ghify.com BEFORE placing your order so that we can provide you with a quote for this Premium service. 

~ All deliveries must be signed for by an adult over 18 years of age.  If you authorise for an unattended delivery, we are happy to inform the courier of your instructions.  However, this must be done at the time the order is placed.  Once a consignment has been booked, we cannot guarantee that any change of instructions will be carried out.

~  Free Standard Delivery Offer Applies To Items Indicated On The Product Page.  Where Free Delivery Is Not Indicated, This Offer Does Not Apply

~ Insurance is included on all our Free Standard Delivery options. Please read the Warranty, Refund & FAQ page for the guidelines before placing your order to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions in order to have any claims successfully processed.

~ The Free Delivery Offer Does Not Include Assembly.  


More Questions?  Have you tried our F.A.Q page?  Have we miss something? If that's the case, please email us on info@ghify.com or sales@ghify.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!



1.  We will send your furniture anywhere in the world.. that a carrier is able to deliver to.

2.  The freight options we quote are the standard delivery & competitively priced.  However we're also happy to provide you with a few freight options to choose from: (a)  Cheapest Freight (when you're not in a rush) or (b) Premium / Quickest Delivery (like a special last minute gift for someone?) or (c) coordinate with your Freight Forwarder (if you would rather arrange your own carrier) and (d) Pick up / Collection direct from our factory in Chandler, QLD 4155, Australia.

3.  If this is a surprise order or a special gift to someone, we'll pack, gift-wrap & provide a handwritten card on your behalf.  Just send us the details in an email or when you place your order (Under Notes).  

4.  Our standard freight does not include international duty and tariffs but we're happy to include all that in your quote.  Let us know and we'll give you a quote within 24 hours.

5.  Our carriers are happy to deliver into your home but please note assembly isn't included.  If you're wanting a delivery & assembly service, please contact us and we can provide you with a 3rd-party in your area as well as a quote that can facilitate this for you.



1.  Unless it's a Self-Collection from our workshop, all carriers have certain requirements for any items longer than 1.8m or heavier than 30Kg. They usually require a Tail Lift to lift it off the truck when they deliver it to you or if that's not available in you area, they arrange for 2 staff to carry it into your home/office.  That's great as it saves you having to lug it in yourself.  Trust these strapping lads to haul it for you.  However, there is an additional cost for this and it varies from $50 upwards, depending on the dimensions/weight.  Please contact us if you'll like to have a quote before hand.



1.  We are so pleased to be partnering with FedEx for our international air freight deliveries.  They've offered us the best international freight rates you can find to get to get these gorgeous furniture to you.  In addition to the terrific freight rates, they have promise to deliver to our clients within 5 - 7 working days wherever possible on the air service.  Sometimes sooner depending on where you are!  Please proceed to check out for a quote on the delivery costs of your order.  Or, email us your shopping list and we'll get back to you with a quote within 24 hours!  We can also offer a priority delivery service and insurance so ask us more about it if you're interested or select this option at checkout.  Upon successful confirmation of payment, we will despatch your product within 3 working days. Unless your order is a custom made to order item as described in the product description, your item will be delivered in this time frame. We will email you the Tracking Number to follow the progress of your purchase within 48 hours.  If for any reason your item hasn't turned up or you have any concerns with the Delivery, please contact us as soon as possible and we will look into it immediately.



1.  First of all, that is such a thoughtful gesture and we are positive that they will love it!  We will do our best to make sure that your gift turns up on time and in excellent condition.  Please indicate that this is a gift during checkout and any special instructions you might have.  If possible, we will gift wrap your item for you.  We would also love to include a handwritten card within for you or we can print out your message on the card, so let us know your preference.  And don't worry, we will be sure not to include any billing or pricing information when your item is despatched to the recipient.  However, this information may be requested by the Carriers or Customs, in which case we will have to provide the details to them.


More Questions?  Have you tried our F.A.Q page?  Have we miss something? If that's the case, please email us on info@ghify.com or sales@ghify.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!


We currently accept payments via EftPos, Bank Transfers Credit Cards & PayPal. However, if you live in the Sunny Sunshine State of Queensland, Australia and you love roadtrips... c'mon by to our Workshop in Brisbane and we'll be happy accept Cash (Sorry We Don't Keep Cash On Site So We'll Need Exact Change) as well :) Please note that payment must be paid in full prior to orders being despatched or if it is a custom made to order item, before production can commence.



If for any reason we're out of stock or your order is a special custom made to order item as described in the product description, we will be happy to take your order and get into production. However, in those circumstances, please note that our production time can vary from 6 to 8 weeks. We will endeavour to do our best to get it finished sooner than that. For a better idea of production turnaround times, please chat to us about your particular project scope so we can give you an accurate idea of the leadtimes.



If you change your mind about your purchase or you're wanting a different colour, please send us a message as soon as you can and we'll be happy to accommodate any changes to the best of our abilities. Please note we are only accommodate these changes if they are made within 24 hours of your order being placed. Outside of these guidelines, charges may be applied.

Please note that we generally ship all orders within 3 working days of receiving your request so please contact us asap. Unfortunately, it is out of our realm once the item leaves our warehouse. But don't worry, all our suppliers and logistics partners are very nice so they'll do their best to help. Please understand in some circumstances a surcharge may apply in those circumstances.



If your item has any quality or workmanship flaws, we will happily give you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee from the time of purchase. Please note that if the product is made from recycled materials as specified in the product description, the item will have natural discolouration, imperfection, cracks and nail holes etc. that is consistent with a naturally aged material. These are all natural characteristics that comes with using recycled timber and the refund guarantee does not apply to these natural characteristics. Please note that flaws or damage resulting from the improper use of the products that deviates from its characteristics is also not covered under the refund guarantee.

If you have ordered a custom made to order product from our Once Upon A Queenslander collection, it is most likely that the item comes with a 10 year warranty. We are delighted to offer the 10 year warranty on the selected custom build bespoke private commissions only. If the product description does not contain any mention of the 10 year warranty, it does not apply to that product.

Please note that our warranty is valid from the date of purchase and the purchase receipt is required as proof of purchase.

The warranty applies to domestic use only and damage (including corrosion) caused by improper use, assembly, installation, commercial use, placement, storage care or maintenance, including damage caused by failing to adhere to care instructions will void the warranty.

The warranty is not transferable.

The warranty will not apply if the product was (a) modified or tampered with (including repairs) from the original design, (b) used in an abnormal manner, for example, if the product is abused, misused, dropped, crushed, impacted with any hard surface, exposed to extreme heat (including fire), or cold, or incorrectly adjusted or operated, (c) general wear and tear that comes with age and use. This includes, scuff marks, fabric pilling, loose stitching, tears to dust covers and frayed seams, (d) breakage or damage to glass or mirrors, (e) cleaned with wrong cleaning methods or cleaning products, (f) placed outdoors or in a dry and humid environment, e.g. bathroom.

The warranty does not cover consequential or incidental damages.  

While we have taken all possible precautions to ensure your satisfaction with the quality and reliability of the product, please note that improper use of the product may result in bodily injury. So please check out our Furniture Care page, use your purchase responsibly and you'll be able to pass it on to your kids one day :)

We reserve the right to inspect and request for supporting information to assess any defects for the claims assessment procedure. Failure to supply or accommodate the requests will prevent us from assessing the claim and thereby void the warranty. We will examine and decide at our sole discretion, if the item is covered under this warranty. If considered covered, we will at our sole discretion, either repair the defective product or replace it with the same or a comparable product.

IMPORTANT: Please note that for all refunds and exchanges to be processed successfully, we require good quality photos of the condition of the packaging and the damaged product to be sent to us within 48 hours of your receiving your goods as this is an insurance requirement.  If your claim is not lodged via email with photos within 48 hours of receiving your product, this will not be processed by the insurance company and will not be covered in the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you prefer a replacement, we will organise for the damaged product to be collected at our cost and a new replacement unit sent to you. All freight cost will be covered by us in this instance.

If you change your mind about a purchase and would like to have a refund or exchange it for something else, we would be happy to organise for a full refund or exchange provided the item is returned to us in the same condition that it was sent to you & the return postage is covered by you.  We would need to receive the product within 7 working days of when it was delivered to you. Please ensure you select a reliable courier service that has a tracking service to protect your return. Alternatively, we will be happy to assist you with your return and pass on the charges direct to you.

Please send all correspondence regarding refunds and exchanges to info@ghify.com



WARRANTY? Naturally! If there are any issues in the quality or workmanship of our product, we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee from the time of purchase. Please note that if your item has arrived damaged in transit, it will be covered by the Transit Insurance. However, it's a condition from our Carriers that it is photographed & reported within 48 hours of delivery. Please take the time to check your item when it arrives and if you note any damage to the carton, please make note of that on the consignment note and bring it to the Driver's attention BEFORE you sign the Delivery Receipt. Then, photograph and email us the details of the damage within 48 hours of receiving your order and we'll take care of it for you. Unfortunately, if the photos are not received within 48 hours, the guarantee is voided.



CUSTOM ORDERS? We sure do! Send us your design or message us with your Wish List or concepts and we'll be happy to review it and give you a quote. We've done a lot of Custom projects, large and small, residential and commercial so there's pretty much no furniture that we cannot make.  


Here's our Contact Details if you have any queries:
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More Questions?  Have you read our Shipping & Delivery page or our Free Delivery page?  Or have we miss something? If that's the case, please email us on info@ghify.com or sales@ghify.com and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!