As furniture designers and manufacturers with an online furniture store here in Australia, we often get asked some very specific questions regarding furniture, our industry and interior design. The following are some articles that we have put together based on the commonly asked questions that are posed to us relating to furniture, interior design and online shopping for furniture. We hope you enjoy them and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any new questions or topics that you would be interested in learning more about!

Shop Handmade in Brisbane Eco Recycled High Bench Tables

If you like the sound of Sunday mornings perched on your bar stool, reading the papers over a gorgeous shabby chic high bench table that doubles as an kitchen island, with your coffee and bagel beside you, you'll love our romantic handmade bar tables that are reminiscent of the cottage farmhouse more.

Shop The Finest Hamptons Furniture in Brisbane From Your Laptop Or Tablet

People want their home to reflect their personal style. If your style leans toward classic elegance, a love of local history, and life lived in harmony with the elements, you will probably appreciate the Hamptons style. In a Hamptons-style home, the walls may feature the brilliant colours of sand and sea. Rugs and floorings may reflect the more.

A New Source For Hand Crafted Hamptons Furniture In Sydney

It's fun to dream about turning your apartment or home into a Hamptons-style retreat. This very unique look begins with furnishings in shades of the sun, sand, ocean waters and clear blue skies. Think of white sailboats and weathered fishing piers, or bleached stones and beach-washed shells. For Hamptons furniture in Sydney, GHIFY.COM is the place to more.

Recycled Industrial Furniture in Brisbane

Architects, artists, engineers, interior designers and photographers in Brisbane love industrial furniture design. They often spend hours scavenging through local antique stores, large estate sales and architectural salvage yards in hopes of finding that one special piece of furniture with the right industrial edge. Unfortunately, most of those sites sell unique pieces at exorbitant prices. However, there are alternatives. You can build it more.

Visit GHIFY.COM For Expertly Crafted Industrial Furniture in Melbourne

Furniture with an industrial look is popular in Melbourne. Architects, photographers and artists love furnishings with an industrial edge. The finest interior decorators know recycled industrial materials bring character to any room. Even restaurateurs love the industrial look, which can jazz up restaurants and nightclubs. Industrial furnishings are appealing to the eye, yet sturdy enough to withstand heavy day-to-day use, and industrial furniture made from aged, recycled materials can bring instant history to more.

Visit GHIFY For The Finest Industrial Furniture Online

Discerning furniture shoppers have good reason to love well-crafted furnishings with that hard, industrial edge. Items such as dining tables and chairs with a loft-like feel ñ the kind of furnishings that fit well with exposed brick walls and historical architectural features ñ are especially popular. However, don't think you have to be living a modern, industrial lifestyle in order to make these furniture items work for you. Even those people living in more traditional settings enjoy the clean lines and more.

Recycled Industrial Furniture in Perth

One of the most popular styles for home and office is that industrial look. Artists were the first to discover the value of open loft spaces. Of course, they weren't looking for beautifully finished rooms they just needed space, and lots of it! Aged manufacturing buildings were the answer. Artists discovered that exposed bricks and industrial walls looked even better with more use. Age and damage seemed to add character. After a few artist-sponsored openings and more.

Shoppers Visit GHIFY For Outstanding Industrial Furniture In Sydney

Hard wood furnishings, especially those designed in the sleek industrial style, can be an incredible option for any type of living space. Industrial furnishings easily complement exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and historical architecture ñ however, they can just as easily fit in your typical Australian home. In fact, if you're looking for that industrial feel in your home decor, industrial style furniture can be a more.

Shop For Unique Pieces Of Outdoor Furniture In Brisbane Online

Shoppers of fine crafted outdoor furniture in Brisbane online often go to GHIFY.COM. The company offers a generous assortment of furnishings with a weathered outdoor feel. Outdoor furniture is especially useful and pretty when placed in a backyard garden or on a front porch. Favourite outdoor seating choices include rocking chairs, chair swings and wooden two seater benches. These types of furnishings tend to be eco friendly and made from more.

Shoppers Get Classic Outdoor Furniture In Melbourne Online

Shop GHIFY for quality recycled outdoor furniture in Melbourne online. Outdoor furnishings can turn ordinary apartments and homes into a year-round holiday retreat. Smart interior decorators and their clients create that vacation-at-home feeling with furnishings built from recycled materials. Outdoor furnishings are often finished in colours reminiscent of more.

Shop GHIFY For The Finest Outdoor Furniture In Perth Online

For finely crafted, affordable outdoor furniture in Perth online consider shopping at GHIFY.COM. With Perth's year-round sunshine, warm summers and mild winters, shoppers naturally gravitate to furnishings suitable for indoor and outdoor use. If you have a veranda or sunroom, a porch or garden, GHIFY offers hand crafted furniture perfect for more.

GHIFY Offers The Finest Outdoor Furniture In Sydney Online

Many people have homes or apartments with indoor/outdoor spaces - covered porches, patios with retractable awnings and arboured gardens. The question is how to choose furniture for these areas. Should customers buy outdoor furniture for all weather conditions or choose furnishings that have an outdoor feel while requiring some care and maintenance? For no- maintenance or more.

Why Choose Recycled Furniture in Brisbane?

Buying furniture can be a difficult, very personal process. After all, you're ideally investing in a piece that could stay with you for years to come. Sometimes, though, it can seem like a lot of the nice, well-made furniture is just too expensive for you, and what you're left more.

Decorating With Recycled Furniture in Melbourne

When you're decorating a new home, one of the first things you might think of is furniture. You'll want to find pieces that fit in with your personal style and work well together. But if you're thinking of something that looks unique and interesting, from high-quality materials that have had the chance to be weathered or aged in different ways, you might want to more.

Buying Recycled Furniture in Perth Online

When you're considering where to buy your next furniture piece, there are plenty of places you can go. Searching online can show you availability for a wide range of styles, material, and products, including more specialised pieces like recycled furniture. Ordering your recycled furniture in Perth online is good way to find furniture that you more.

Finding the Right Recycled Furniture in Sydney

When you're looking for a new piece of furniture, one of your main concerns besides function might be how well it fits in with the rest of the room. This can seem more difficult when you're looking for recycled furniture that comes from more unique materials that have a more diverse history. Shopping for recycled furniture in Sydney doesn't have to more.

The Creation Process for Recycled Timber Furniture in Brisbane

There are many ways to make furniture, and a lot of different materials you can use. If you're looking for some more unique and interesting pieces, repurposed and reused materials can give you something of good quality for a good value that will help you get your guests talking. Ordering recycled timber furniture in more.

Environmental Benefits of Recycled Timber Furniture from Melbourne

Furniture production can take up a lot of resources, especially wooden furniture. But you can get the high-quality timber furniture you're interested in for a lower environmental impact if you look for recycled timber furniture in Melbourne or more.

For Free Delivery of Recycled Timber Furniture to Perth, Shop GHIFY.COM

You know it's time to revive and redecorate. Your home needs new furniture and new decorative accessories maybe even a whole new style. It's time to dump the saggy sofa and frayed armchair, and look for fresh furnishings that feature comfort and a spark of originality;furniture pieces with unique character built from recycled materials. If you are looking for more.

Shopping for Recycled Timber Furniture in Sydney Couldn't Be Easier

It's great fun to decorate with hand crafted, contemporary furnishings built from recycled timber and other materials. That's because recycled materials add interest to any space. For instance, a dining table built with recycled timber and styled with refurbished drawer pulls brings history into the room; perhaps even memories of visiting the grandparents or more.

Recycled Industrial and Retro Furniture in Brisbane

Customers who shop for industrial and retro furniture in Brisbane should check out GHIFY.COM. GHIFY features a number of contemporary furniture collections inspired by rural, vintage, retro and Mid-Century Modern design. With most of us living in white box spaces or architecturally unremarkable homes, we rely heavily on our furnishings and decor to more.

GHIFY.COM Offers Contemporary Retro Furniture For Sale

Discerning customers with a laptop can shop retro furniture for sale without leaving the comfort of their homes. Online furniture shopping is a breeze compared to walking giant showrooms in chain stores, where knowledgeable sales assistance is impossible to find. Crowded shopping malls are even worse. How many almost identical sofas and dining sets can one person see before giving up and more.

Recycled Industrial and Retro Furniture in Melbourne

Customers shopping for 1960s retro furniture in Melbourne should consider a visit to GHIFY's online store. Today, you'll find the most unique and interesting furniture online. You know what you want. A home to reflect the real you the person who adores 1950s chrome-trimmed kitchen tables with matching vinyl-covered seats. You love 1960s chairs and 1970s dinnerware. You've shopped for retro furniture in Melbourne, to no avail. Second hand shops are more.

Stylish and Contemporary Retro Furniture Online

Customers who shop for retro furniture online often head to GHIFY.COM first. It's no surprise why - the company offers unique and interesting furniture that will feed your imagination and taste. You want your home to reflect the real you - the one who adores funky dining suites, cheerful hall tables, retro housewares and accessories made from repurposed materials. But furniture with a more.

Beautifully Hand Crafted Retro Furniture in Perth

Some of the most beautifully designed and relaxing places in the world are outdoor spaces. Most cities and towns have lovely parks and recreation areas that take advantage of the great outdoors. We enjoy locations that offer outdoor fun, relaxation and serenity. For instance, we like going to the shore to swim and fish. And we like recuperating from a more.

Shopping for Retro Furniture in Sydney Couldn't Be Easier

Customers shopping for crafted retro furniture in Sydney should consider a visit to GHIFY.COM. The company offers quality furnishings that accented or built from recycled materials. Naturally worn hard woods and refurbished iron parts add uniqueness to furniture. Recycled drawer pulls, iron frames and other heavy industrial accents make recycled, retro furniture into one-of-a-kind pieces. The best furniture craftsmen take refurbished woods and metals and turn them into smart, unpretentious, contemporary pieces that will fit perfectly in more.

Gorgeous Danish Furniture In Brisbane From Australia’s Leading Online Store

If you are wondering where to find beautiful Danish furniture in Brisbane, the answer is, Australia’s leading online furniture store. With a commitment to fun, unusual, and funky designs not available anywhere else, is gaining a reputation for excellence in more.

Find Danish Furniture For Sale At

Homeowners can find modern Danish furniture for sale at Australia's online furniture store, With 13 years in the custom furniture business, the company designs and builds unique, unusual custom furniture that is not available anywhere else. The artists that make these more.

Where To Find Beautiful Danish Furniture In Melbourne

Gorgeous Danish furniture in Melbourne is possible from the brilliant designers and craftsmen at These professionals have years of experience in the custom handmade furniture business and produce truly unique, one-of-a-kind furniture that will enhance your home or more.

Shop For Custom Danish Furniture Online At

Customers will find beautiful custom made Danish furniture online at, Australia’s online furniture store. From its Brisbane location, the company services all of Australia providing gorgeous home interiors and furnishing that are more.

Australia's Specialist In Danish Furniture For Perth Homes & Businesses

The Australian specialist in custom Danish furniture for your Perth home is With 13 years in the custom furniture business, the company features its own in-house design team and master craftsmen who produce some of the most funky, creative, and unusual pieces of more.

Danish Furniture For Your Sydney Home Is Available At

Make your home complete with Danish furniture in your Sydney home from Australia’s leading online furniture store, The master craftsmen and designers at design and build a huge range of styles including modern Danish, French chic, Shabby chic, Retro 1960s, and more.

For Quality Designer Furniture In Brisbane, Shop

Shoppers can find high quality designer furniture in Brisbane at, Australia’s newest online store that offers gorgeous home interiors that you just will not find anywhere else. As an online store, does not have much overhead and, as a result, can pass on more.

Designer Furniture For Sale At

The most unique designer furniture for sale can be found online at, Australia’s own online furniture store based right in Brisbane. The company specialises in the design and manufacture of high quality pieces that just cannot be found anywhere else. Featuring an more.

Unique, Gorgeous Designer Furniture For Melbourne Homes

Shop for designer furniture for your Melbourne home or office at, the online store where you will find cool, funky, original designs unavailable anywhere else. Our in-house team of designers and master craftsmen love to craft interesting, beautiful pieces of furniture for the modern home or office. With a philosophy that stresses creativity and more.

Find Unique Designer Furniture Online At

Those looking for unique home furnishings can shop for designer furniture online at, Australia’s newest online furniture retailer. With 13 years in the custom furniture business, takes modern furniture to a whole new level. Whether your needs are for more.

Unusual, Funky Designer Furniture In Perth

Perth residents can capture the intriguing, original styles of and buy designer furniture in Perth like other Australians. The unique, cool home furnishings produced by the in-house designers and master craftsmen have helped the online store gain a huge following across the more.

Where To Find Designer Furniture In Sydney

Designer furniture in Sydney is easy to find when you go to, Australia’s online custom furniture store based in Brisbane. Cool, funky, stylish furniture can be yours when you shop our gorgeous home interiors made just for you. As an online store, we do not more.

Where Can You Buy French Furniture In Brisbane?

For those looking for French Furniture in Brisbane, is the place to search. With 13 years in the custom furniture business, Ghify is Australia’s online furniture store that features gorgeous home interiors just for you. From French Chic to Modern Cottage, shoppers will find a more.

French Furniture For Sale At Australia’s Own Online Furniture Store

You will find French furniture for sale at, Australia’s own online furniture store. Gorgeous, elegant pieces from the French chic collection are available as well as custom made, one-of-a-kind pieces you will not find anywhere else. Ghify specialises in designing and more. Has French Furniture For Melbourne Homes

French furniture for Melbourne homeowners is possible with the custom designs of, Australia's online furniture store. Shoppers will be amazed at the variety of collections available, most of which cannot be found anywhere else. The company has its own in-house team of more.

Buy French Furniture Online At

Furniture lovers will find high quality French furniture online at Gorgeous home interiors are the name of the game at, Australia’s online custom furniture store. You will find a wide variety of styles including Industrial Recycled, Shabby Chic, Modern Danish, and many more. Wherever possible, the designers and craftsmen at more.

French Furniture In Perth Is Possible With

If you thought French furniture in your Perth home or office was not possible, think again., Australia’s online furniture store based in the beautiful city of Brisbane, makes your custom furniture designs a reality. With 13 years of experience in more.

Buy French Furniture For A Sydney Home At

When looking for French furniture for a Sydney home, shop Ghify, Australia’s online furniture store. With 13 years in designing and building custom furniture, the professionals at have your furniture needs covered. Shoppers will find a more.

Looking for Funky Furniture in Brisbane?

Talk to anyone who has shopped for stylish, affordable furniture. They will tell you their best shopping experiences happen online. Why go through the hassle of driving, searching for parking, wandering the store to find that one salesperson, and then paying high prices? When you shop online at more.

When Shopping Funky Furniture for Sale, Look for Factory Direct Prices

When you shop for funky furniture for sale, do you find yourself frustrated by the typical in-store experience? You can walk and walk for hours around big box stores, sit in a million chairs, recline in a dozen recliners, plop on a hundred couches and still not more.

Shop Online for Great Funky Furniture in Melbourne

If you're looking for great style, great looks and great savings in furnishings, look no farther than GHIFY.COM. They offer great funky furniture in Melbourne and all locations in Australia. For quality furniture that's more.

Find Fun and Funky Furniture Online at GHIFY

If you’re like most shoppers, you’re tired of the in-store shopping experience. It’s impossible to find a sales person, and harder yet to find a smile. You can’t find it anymore. Shop GHIFY.COM for the high quality shopping experience that that GHIFY online shoppers have more.

Great Prices and Unique Choices Now Available in Funky Furniture for Perth Shoppers

Looking for some unique choices in funky furniture in Perth? Forget local stores – you can shop GHIFY online instead. Whether you are searching for a kitchen table to sit eight, a sideboard for your dining space, or a coffee table for your recreation den, GHIFY has the furniture you are more.

Fun and Funky Furniture for Sydney Shoppers Available at GHIFY

You’ve finished painting and flooring your dining room. Now you want to find the perfect dining set for the room and your design taste. Visit GHIFY for a great selection of dining tables, chairs and more.

The Choicest Modern Furniture for Brisbane Shoppers is Online

If you are like most people, you shop online more often than you go to the corner store. You can get everything, from cubbies to cars. Your furniture shopping experience can be online, too. GHIFY serves the entire Australian shopping community. Their website has great photos and more.

For Unique and Modern Furniture in Melbourne, Shop Online

If you are shopping for modern furniture in Melbourne, pull out your laptop. No need to drive to a giant furniture store, get hassled looking for parking, walk for half a day through the showrooms, and hunt up a more.

You Can Find the Best Selection of Modern Furniture Online

If you are looking for modern furniture that reflects your relaxed personality, visit GHIFY.COM. The online store's staff is ready to help you find exactly what you need. If you like fun and unpretentious living but appreciate affordable and thoughtful design, GHIFY is more.

For Great Modern Furniture in Perth Look No Further than Your Laptop

Convenient online shopping is the smart way to go. Furniture is as easy to buy as any other online item. Key to successful online shopping is a quality online experience with helpful product photos and descriptions, and friendly online service help when you have a question. GHIFY.COM offers a more.

Find Quality, Modern Furniture for Sale at GHIFY

Forget about shopping strip malls for your furnishings. It’s time to let go of walking store after store to find furniture you really love. Get all the choices you need for fun and unique furniture pieces at an affordable price on GHIFY.COM. GHIFY offers great choices that make your home a more.

Find Quality, Modern Furniture for Sale at GHIFY

Forget about shopping strip malls for your furnishings. It’s time to let go of walking store after store to find furniture you really love. Get all the choices you need for fun and unique furniture pieces at an affordable price on GHIFY.COM. GHIFY offers great choices that more.

Modern Furniture for Sydney Shoppers is as Close as Your Laptop or Tablet

If you are looking for factory direct prices in quality furniture, then visit GHIFY for all of your furnishing needs. If you enjoy furniture that shows a little flare, a little humour, a little history and character, then GHIFY furniture is for you. Their pieces are mostly built from more.

The Finest Timber Furniture In Brisbane

Where can you get quality handmade timber furniture in Brisbane? You can find all sorts of unique furniture designs, including timber pieces, from Brisbane’s own online furniture store, With 13 years in the custom furniture business, the designers and craftsmen at more.

Where To Find Timber Furniture For Sale

In your search for quality timber furniture for sale, you will find an incredible selection of one-of-a-kind pieces at, Australia’s very own online designer furniture store. The store’s in-house designers and master craftsmen have been in more.

We Deliver Timber Furniture To Melbourne Fast & Free!

Believe it or not, you can receive beautiful, hand-crafted timber furniture in your Melbourne home fast and get it shipped for free., Australia’s own online furniture store, ships directly from its more.

Shop Timber Furniture Online At

For high quality handmade solid white cedar Australian timber furniture online, find, the country’s very own online furniture store. The company is gaining a reputation for the coolest, funkiest styles and for using recycled materials whenever possible. With an in-house team of more.

Handmade Australian Recycled Timber Furniture For Your Perth Home

Homeowners are turning to for 1solid white cedar timber furniture for their Perth homes. There is nowhere else where buyers can purchase the kind of fun, unusual, and creative designs put out more.

Unique Timber Furniture For Your Sydney Office Or Home

In July 2013, custom designed furniture from was featured at the Australian Queensland Museum. The online furniture store has been in the custom furniture business for 13 years and has been gaining a more.