Decorating With Recycled Furniture in Melbourne

When you're decorating a new home, one of the first things you might think of is furniture. You'll want to find pieces that fit in with your personal style and work well together. But if you're thinking of something that looks unique and interesting, from high-quality materials that have had the chance to be weathered or aged in different ways, you might want to look for some recycled furniture in Melbourne stores.

Having furniture from salvaged materials is a good way to combine modern designs and styles with a softer, more rustic or more old-fashioned feel. That way you can keep your house from feeling more industrial than you might want. Reclaimed wood can add some splashes of colour without being painted, which helps in bringing in a more natural feel to your space.


Because recycled furniture can blend different characteristics of style and materials, it pairs well in several different styles. It can serve as a more natural-feeling but still consistent addition to a modern room, whether industrial or sleek. It can also bring in a bit of a harder edge to decor that already has a lot of fabrics and more gently curved pieces, and will fit well with other types of shabby-chic pieces. Although recycled pieces might stand out in a more traditionally decorated room, matching colour, material or even style with your other furniture can keep your furniture from clashing.

If you're looking for a conversation piece and something that will stand apart from the rest of your furniture, recycled furniture in Melbourne is both more environmentally sound and more unique.