We Deliver Timber Furniture To Melbourne Fast & Free!

Believe it or not, you can receive beautiful, hand-crafted timber furniture in your Melbourne home fast and get it shipped for free. Ghify.com, Australia’s own online furniture store, ships directly from its Brisbane warehouse and offers free delivery within Australia. Now, anyone can enjoy the fabulous furnishings of the amazing designers and craftsmen of Ghify.com.


The in-house designers and master craftsmen at the company have been in the custom furniture industry for 13 years. Their passion and philosophy centres around creativity and the design of one-of-a-kind pieces that utilise, solid white cedar. To craft timber furniture for a Melbourne home or office, the company’s designers and builders try and marry the old world with the new.

Customers appreciate the hand construction and the beauty of Ghify.com made furnishings. They also enjoy factory direct pricing and the fast shipping. Since it is an online store, Ghify.com has little overhead and can, therefore, pass some of the savings on to the customer. Customers also rave about the level of service they receive from Ghify.com. It is necessary to develop a level of confidence in customers so that they feel comfortable buying furniture online without ever seeing it in person.

Customers do feel comfortable buying from Ghify.com since the process has been made as simple as possible. Buyers can search the online store by style, colour, price, or functionality. Checkout is safe and secure. Customers know they will get original pieces delivered for free in a timely fashion and a level of service unmatched by online retailers.