Environmental Benefits of Recycled Timber Furniture from Melbourne

Furniture production can take up a lot of resources, especially wooden furniture. But you can get the high-quality timber furniture you're interested in for a lower environmental impact if you look for recycled timber furniture in Melbourne or other places.

Recycled furniture is made from materials that are salvaged, either from nature or from other products to be resources and reused. Wood can be salvaged from a number of different places. Along with older furniture, it can also be taken from buildings, boats, or other wooden products. Heavier timber that originally came from houses can be used to create solid, old-fashioned furniture without having to harvest more exotic hardwoods, and without the expense of tracking down original pieces.


Recycled timber also sometimes retains some of the character of its previous use, which can add in some of that character to the new piece, whether it's a bit of shaping or carving detail, or even an interesting paint colour that can be used as a highlight, especially if the new piece is left unpainted.

Of course, recycled furniture can include other environmentally friendly material besides just wood. Metal parts can be melted or otherwise altered for reuse, getting additional value out of them beyond their original product. Fabrics can also be woven from natural plant fibres as well as more commonly used fabric sources. Using resourced materials and other less conventional sources can make recycled timber furniture for Melbourne homes into unique products for a good value, as well as not requiring as much harvesting of fresh resources.