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Recycled Teak

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Our Recycled Teak collection is a timeless body of work made from the highly regarded teak species. A popularly sought after timber, teak is highly cherished for its beautiful warm colours, it’s incredibly resilient characteristics and for its strength.

Recycled Teak Furniture, Reclaimed, Up-cycled, Reuse!

In this collection, we have intentionally created a range that was of a minimalist design to best showcase this beautifully restored solid timber. Salvaged from old houses, boats and other structures that have outlived their original use, we repurposed these slabs of teak into a collection of beach-inspired furniture pieces that would be perfect for the coastal themed home or office. The unpretentious raw slabs from this teak collection is reminiscent of furniture found in country farmhouses so if you’re looking for country style furniture online, make sure you browse this beautiful range.

Why choose Recycled Teak Furniture?

From recycled tables to coffee tables, to sideboards to entertainment units, this rustically classic collection will last for generations to come. Due to the naturally occurring oil found within the species (which was why it was so popular in the boat building industry), this range of recycled teak furniture is naturally water resistant which translates to drawers that are guaranteed to open and close seamlessly overtime. Teak is also highly cherished for its high resistance to pest attacks and wear, while maintenance is completely unnecessary.

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