How much Retro furniture is too much RETRO?

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We often get asked by the fans of our Modern Danish furniture how much Retro can they get away with without overkill?  

We also get asked by the skeptics, "Really??  Is this style [Author's Note: Actually they didn't say style but a 4 letter word starting with "S"] back again???"  
Setting aside my hurt ego, the answer came perfectly in the form of  this image below which I stumbled onto while searching for a holiday place to take the family which is: 

  • Close to the beach
  • Pet-Friendly so the Head of GHIFY Security "Blues" doesn't have to be stuck in the Pet Motels which is only a step up from the Bates Motel if you ever ask your 4 Legged Friends
  • Kids Friendly which really just translates to enough indoor and outdoor space for everyone so we don't get cabin fever
  • Affordable!  Coz' it's no fun eating SPAM in a CAN because you've had to cut into the food budget to go on this holiday

And that's how I came across this photo!

The owners of this gorgeous 2 Bedroom Beach Shack on the Sunshine Coast have decorated one of the living rooms completely in a Modern Retro style.  Although ALL the furniture are in the Retro Style, they've beautifully encapsulated the traditional clean lines of 1950s style furniture with a modern splash of colour & decorations, creating an inviting & warm living room you want to come and hang out in.  
So in answer to one of our most popularly asked questions?  Nope, you CANNOT have too much Retro Furniture provided that you follow the decorating rules applied in the interior above:
(1) Don't overcrowd the space.  Ensure there's a lot of flow so that each piece can have a share of the stage too.  Cluttering them all together just creates confusion and chaos.  Let it breathe.

(2) Don't sit on the fence - Pick A Colour.
 If you're intending to decorate your entire room with Retro furniture, pick a singular colour of timber to use or as close as you can possibly find.  The above interior works so well because all the furniture are of a very similar shade of timber.  It doesn't matter if they are not identical because... if you had observed Rule # 1 above (ahhemm), the pieces are apart from one another and you won't see the slight variations.  Secondly, remember the furniture is but one segment to creating your FINAL, desired Modern Retro interior.

(3) Finishing Touches!
 This is where you can really have FUN picking out the finishing touch that will define your space as well as reflect your lifestyle and personality.  The finishing touches like the lampshade, the rugs, wall decorations, colours, vases & plants are the things that will bring to life your interior and add the modern touches.  For a more masculine Retro interior, why not got for River Stone, Rustic Iron or Worn Leather finishes?  Think Sexy Cigar Den without the smoke.  For a more homely Retro interior, pick fun, light and refreshing colours with dashes of gorgeous prints.  Think Grace Kelly in her Summerhouse with a touch of Martha Stewart in the Hamptons.

If you would like to recreate your own 1950s Modern Retro Interior, check out our gorgeous range of Modern Danish furniture here and if you would like to find out where you can rent this lovely Beach Shack for your next holidays, visit

Happy Decorating!! xox


Written by Magdalene Marx, Co-Founder of GHIFY. Read more about GHIFY & , on Google+

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